Kruuse Colustrum Refractometer

The importance of colostrum to newborn
Newborn are born without antibodies in the blood, which is a critical factor in terms of the proper functioning of the immune system. Colostrum contains large amounts of antibodies and is the primary source of these for the newborn. The newborn’s digestive system can absorb large molecules such as antibodies for a limited time after birth (approximately 24 hours), consequently, early feeding of colostrum is essential. Colostrum reduces the risk of diarrhea and pneumonia and is life-saving.

Colostrum quality
Concentration of Ig in colostrum varies according to previous disease history, volume of colostrum produced, breed and season of the year. The quality of the colostrum is very important, and when measuring out the colostrum before feeding it to the newborn, the farmer (or vet) should know, whether the quality, and thereby the amount of antibodies (IgG) is sufficient, or whether a supplement is required.
Test all colostrum before feeding and use only good quality colostrum

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